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As a landlord, you know the challenges of renting your properties. Wouldn’t it be great to receive guaranteed rent payments, deposited directly into your account? Wouldn’t it help your bottom line to reduce vacancy rates and time spent showing units? Or having pre-screened residents? Portland Housing Authority is looking for responsible property owners in Portland and Cromwell who would like to expand their opportunities by providing otherwise unavailable living locations to some of our residents. An alliance with PHA will let your property work harder for you … and help build a stronger community.


The Goals

One of PHA’s long-term goals is to increase the availability of desirable, safe, affordable housing choices for its residents. Under the Section 8 Rental Voucher (Housing Choice Voucher, or HCV) Program, Expanded Housing Program, and Accessible Housing Program, families can choose and lease or purchase privately owned rental housing outside of established Portland Housing Authority developments that may increase opportunities such as proximity to jobs, school districts, and health care facilities. If you are a landlord who takes care of your property and residents, and can offer decent, safe, and sanitary housing, PHA invites you to consider the advantages of becoming an HCV landlord. We have a specific need for handicap-accessible housing, properties in low-impacted areas, and properties with large numbers of bedrooms (4-5), but generally, all types of accommodations are sought. And, if you are already an HCV landlord who would like to expand your alliance with PHA by offering additional properties under different programs, or a landlord who is interested in the HCV program, there is a place for you with us.


The Advantages

  • Steady income through guaranteed Housing Assistance Payments (HAP), deposited right into your account. Think of it as consistent cash flow.
  • Fully rented properties will enhance the stability of the neighborhood and keep property values up.
  • Landlords are assured of reliable residents since they must meet PHA’s stringent occupancy requirements and background checks. However, landlords may also conduct their screenings. (PHA only conducts income eligibility and criminal background screening. It is the landlord’s responsibility to conduct a screening for suitability. PHA has no liability or responsibility to the owner for the family’s behavior or suitability for tenancy.)
  • PHA advises HCV residents to avoid eviction, reducing the chances of this happening.
  • You will have the satisfaction of providing safe, decent, and affordable housing to families who are motivated to improve their living environments and quality of life.



The Process is Easy

There is no application fee, waiting list, or bid process to become an HCV landlord. The landlord and tenant fill out a Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) packet and a Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection is scheduled. The unit must pass before occupancy can take place. The process usually takes 30-60 days, depending on when the RFTA is submitted. The RFTA is given to the tenant at the initial or update appointment when they receive a voucher. It is not given to the landlord; however, the landlord and tenant must fill out and provide the necessary information and documents. The RFTA can be mailed back or dropped off. PHA will not accept a fax because we will need to see the original seal from the City tax office. We prefer that the tenant drop the RFTA off or come in for an appointment because it is quicker than U.S. mail and we can verify that all the information is correct.

Is my Property Subject to any Sort of PHA Standard or Inspection?

Yes. PHA Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspections are conducted annually. Properties must pass the HQS inspection. If a unit fails, the landlord is allowed a cure period, and then a re-inspection is scheduled.

Where Can I Get More Information About Working With PHA?

An alliance with the Portland Housing Authority is a smart, solid business decision. If you are ready to decrease your vacancy rate, increase the consistency of rent collection, and add stability to your property’s neighborhood, please call the office at (860) 342-1688 ext 113. Staff is available to answer your questions and help you through the process by phone or appointment.

Current Landlords

Landlords if you would like the PHA  to advertise your vacant units to our Voucher holders please contact Susan Nellis at 860-342-1688 at ext.113 to let us know more details.

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