Waiting List

HCV Program/Section 8 applicants as of August 4, 2022, the lottery numbers have been posted. Only 200 pre-applications were drawn by a random lottery on July 29, 2022. If you applied for the HCV Program/Section 8 waitlist and you check your status, and it says “ No Waiting List Available or Withdrawn” this means you did NOT make it into the lottery that was done on July 29, 2022. Reminder, applying for the waitlist does not guarantee someone to be placed on the waitlist.
If you made it into the HCV Program /Section 8 lottery you will receive a letter from the Portland Housing Authority within the next week.

Wait List Look Up

Eligible Application Status:

Our waitlists are updated on the first of every month. Be advised that applicants are placed on the waitlist in order of date and time of application receipt. Due to HUD changes in rules or regulations and/or family circumstances that may have changed from the time you are placed on the waitlist (s), PHA will make a final determination before housing an applicant. Approval of the Application does not guarantee housing; it could be subject to change. An applicant’s intentional misrepresentation of any information related to eligibility, housing history, allowances, family composition, or rent will result in denial of admission.

Housing Applications

  • State Program (Quarry Heights)

    We are currently not accepting applications.

  • HCV Program (Section 8)

    We are currently not accepting applications.

  • Federal Programs (Chatham Court)

    We are currently not accepting applications.