Board of Commissioners/ Board Meetings

The Portland Housing Authority is governed by a five person Board of Commissioners.The Board is responsible for setting policies and procedures.

The PHA and Board of Commissioners meets on the 3rd Monday of every month at 5:00 pmas stated in the Board Meeting Schedule.

Minutes are posted following each meeting.

Five-person Board of Commissioners:

Dawn Wadding- Chair
Susan Malecky-Vice Chair
Deborah Hallas-Commissioner
Matthew Pegolo-Commissioner
Resident Tenant Commissioner- Vacant

Board Meeting Schedule 2020

DateTypeLocationAgendaMeeting Minutes
01/07/2020Special MeetingChatham Court
Community Room
01/10/2020Special Meeting Chatham Court
Community Room
01/13/2020Special Meeting Quarry Height
Community Room
02/10/2020Regular MeetingQuarry Height
Community Room
03/16/2020Regular MeetingChatham Court Community RoomPDFPDF
04/20/2020Special MeetingVirtual PDFPDF
Audio & Transcript
05/18/2020Special MeetingVirtualPDFPDF
Audio & Transcript
06/15/2020Regular MeetingVirtual PDF PDF
Audio & Transcript
07/20/2020Regular MeetingVirtualPDFPDF
Audio & Transcript

08/17/2020Regular MeetingVirtualPDFPDF
Audio & Transcript

09/21/2020Regular MeetingVirtualPDFPDF
href="">Audio & Transcript
10/19/2020Regular MeetingQuarry Height
Community Room
11/16/2020Regular MeetingChatham Court Community Room
12/21/2020Regular MeetingQuarry Height
Community Room

Board Meeting Schedule 2019

DateTypeLocationAgendaMeeting Minutes
01/14/2019Regular MeetingChatham Court Community RoomPDFPDF
02/20/2019Regular MeetingQuarry Heights Community RoomPDFPDF
03/20/2019Regular MeetingChatham Court Community RoomPDFPDF
04/17/2019Regular Meeting CancelledCancelledCancelled
05/15/2019Regular MeetingQuarry Heights Community RoomPDFPDF
06/19/2019Regular Meeting Quarry Heights Community RoomPDFPDF
07/15/2019Regular MeetingChatham Court Community RoomPDFPDF
07/15/2019Special MeetingChatham Court Community RoomPDFPDF
08/19,2019Regular MeetingChatham Court Community RoomPDFPDF
09/23/2019Regular MeetingQuarry Heights Community RoomPDFPDF
10/03/2019Special MeetingChatham Court Community RoomPDFPDF
10/21/2019Regular MeetingQuarry Heights Community RoomPDFPDF
11/04/2019Special MeetingChatham Court Community RoomPDFPDF
11/18/2019Regular MeetingQuarry Heights Community RoomPDFPDF
12/16/2019Regular Meeting Chatham Court Community Room>PDFPDF

Board Meeting Schedule 2018

DateTypeLocationAgendaMeeting Minutes
12/19/2018RegularChatham Court Community RoomPDF
9/18/2018RegularChatham Court Community RoomPDF
8/15/2018RegularChatham Court Community RoomPDF
10/19/2018RegualrChatham Court Community RoomPDF